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E-Z-Go Air, Oil and Fuel Filters

E-Z-Go Filters
Just Golf Carts offers a full selection of air, oil and fuel filters for a wide range of E-Z-Go gas-powered golf carts.

We also carry a complete selection of other golf cart parts and accessories including seat kits, seat covers, battery cables, body parts and more.

Whether you're repairing your cart or overhauling a project vehicle, Just Golf Carts has the parts and accessories you need, all with low discount prices and fast shipping.

Air Filter, E-Z-Go 06+ 295/350cc, RXV
Sugg. Retail $21.00
JGC Price $15.99, 10/$145.00
Air Filter, E-Z-Go 4 Cycle 295/350cc Gas 94-05
Sugg. Retail $13.50
JGC Price $10.49, 10/$90.00
Air Filter, E-Z-Go Pre-Medalist 4 Cycle Gas 91-94
Sugg. Retail $14.00
JGC Price $10.99, 10/$95.00
Air Filter, E-Z-Go Marathon, 2 Cycle Gas 76-94
Sugg. Retail $13.50
JGC Price $10.49, 10/$97.50
Air Filter, E-Z-Go 2-Cycle 76-93 Gas
Sugg. Retail $13.54
JGC Price $11.99
Air Filter, E-Z-Go ST4X4, 2005 and Newer
Sugg. Retail $18.50
JGC Price $15.99
Air Filter, E-Z-Go ST480
Sugg. Retail $10.80
JGC Price $9.19
Fuel Filter, E-Z-Go Medalist/TXT 4 Cycle Gas 94+, RXV
Sugg. Retail $2.80
JGC Price $2.19, 10/$19.00
Oil & Fuel Filter, E-Z-Go Marathon 2 Cycle Gas 71-94
Sugg. Retail $3.50
JGC Price $2.99, 10/$24.00
Fuel Filter, E-Z-Go 2 Cycle Gas 76-94
Sugg. Retail $3.60
JGC Price $2.99, 10/$24.00
Oil Filter, E-Z-Go RXV
Sugg. Retail $7.00
JGC Price $5.49, 10/$50.00
Oil Filter, E-Z-Go 4 Cycle Gas 91+
Sugg. Retail $29.00
JGC Price $21.99, 10/$200.00
Oil Filter, O Ring, E-Z-Go Gas 91+
Sugg. Retail $2.50
JGC Price $1.89, 10/$15.00
Gasket, Valve Cover, E-Z-Go 4 Cycle
Sugg. Retail $15.50
JGC Price $11.99
Filter Housing, E-Z-Go
Sugg. Retail $52.00
JGC Price $39.99
Air Filter Cover, Medalist/TXT
Sugg. Retail $58.00
JGC Price $43.99
E-Z-Go Filter Latch
Sugg. Retail $6.00
JGC Price $4.99
Carburetor to Filter Box Hose, Med/TXT Gas 94+ 295cc Only
Sugg. Retail $14.00
JGC Price $10.99, 10/$100.00
Filter Housing Package, E-Z-Go Med/TXT
Sugg. Retail $140.00
JGC Price $106.49
Oil Filter, ST480
Sugg. Retail $8.65
JGC Price $7.39, 12/$78.99

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Some items are shipped directly from our supplier warehouses around the country. Occasionally items become backordered. If your order contains backordered items we will ship available items immediately and ship backordered items as soon as they become available at no additional shipping cost.


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